2012 COLEMAN 260BH

Posted 4 weeks ago


  • Listing ID: 8354
  • Standard Features: Furnace, Air Conditioning, Microwave, DSI Water Heater, Stove Top, Awning, Oven, 2 Way Fridge (Gas/Electric)
  • Year: 2012
  • Layout: Front Master Bedroom-
    Door Side Kitchen-
    Rear Bunk Beds-
    Rear Bathroom-
    Dinette and Sofa in Slide Out
  • Sleeps: 7-8
  • Additional Features: Second Exterior Door
  • Contact: For More Information or Pricing Please Phone Our Sales Office (902)681-9501
    or Email Chardell EXT:302(admin@jerrysrv.com)
    or Tracey EXT:303 (traceypark@jerrysrv.com)
    or Delaney EXT:301 (dbrydon@jerrysrv.com)
  • Disclaimer: *Information listed is written to the best of our knowledge, we apologize for any misprints or wrong information.
    **Financing prices include tax(HST), PDI, Full Propane Tank(s), Deep Cycle Battery and Start up accessories. Financing prices are subject to change without notice.