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Do you HATE mowing your lawn? Tired of wasting your beautiful summer days on a lawn tractor or walking behind a push mower?  Its time to upgrade your yard with an Automower from Husqvarna.  Let the lawn take care of itself and with an Automower your lawn will be maintained and never grow long again.  If you can currently use any other kind of lawn mower on your yard then an Automower will work for you.  Click the image above to learn more about these innovative products.  Your time is valuable, so why waste it on cutting the grass?
We are currently offering an exclusive promotion on the 450X Automower.  For the first 3 models sold we will install the product in your yard so you do not have to for FREE!  This is easily a whole afternoon of labor included for a limited time only.  Just buy the mower and the proper size install kit for your yard and we will handle the rest for you.  Ask the parts department for more details on this offer or the Automower itself.  Limit 30km free from Jerry's RV

Husqvarna is moving along further and further in the battery line and so are we.  Forget about the fumes, the noise and the headache of using a gas powered engine and have yourself a battery powered product.  Same great performance of a gas engine but convenient and user friendly.  We are now stocking many consumer and professional battery powered equipment from Husqvarna so come check out these new products!
Click the images below to learn more!

Zero Turn Mowers *in stock*
Hedge Trimmers *in stock*
Trimmers *in stock*
Power Cutters *in stock*
Tillers *in stock*
Chainsaws *in stock*
Snow Throwers *in stock*
Automowers *in stock*
Ask about fueling your lawn and garden equipment with Aspen Alkylate Petrol.  Available in straight gas for 4-stroke engines or pre-mixed 50:1 for 2-stroke engines. 
Fuel lasts up to 5 years without any need for stabilizer. 
93 Octane vs 91 at the pump. 
Aspen fuel is clean burning keeping the engine clean, maintaining its life and performance longer with less maintenance. 
Biodegradable high quality oil mix for cleaner burning without smoke or scents and almost entirely free of any emissions harmful to man or machine.
Protect your investment and keep your machines running longer and avoid any potential fuel problems that are common with using untreated poor quality fuel.